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29 Reserves Moisturizing Lipstick Collection SPF 20 utilizes grape seed extract, an anti-oxidant that smoothes, softens and prevents aging, straight from regional grapes. More powerful than Vitamin E and 20 times more efficient than Vitamin C, the extract has the ability to keep lips looking young, vibrant, and stylishly smooth.

Anyone can wear a bold lipcolor. Here are a few tips for your lips:

• For the best application of lipstick, pat on one coat, then rub it in with fingers to make sure it sinks in. Then, apply a full coat and blot.

• To keep lipstick off your teeth (we’ve all been there), purse your lips and put your finger in your mouth. Trust us, while rather suggestive-looking, it work much better than a tissue.

• Put on a good application of foundation when you are wearing reds to conceal rosacea, blemishes and sun damage, which can becomes more noticeable when you have red lipstick on.

• Do up your brows. Balance a strong lip with strong eyebrows.

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